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RAID 10 Variations

Usually when we talk about RAID 10 we mean RAID 10 near. The diagram of block striping for this array is shown below. One can see the array is divided into two mirror parts (left and right) vertically.

RAID 10 near layout

However, there are other varieties of RAID 10 created by Linux OS:

RAID 10 far in which copies of data blocks are located in such a way that an array is divided into two mirror parts horizontally. We can see that copies of data are located far on the physical drives. The first copy is located nearer close to the beginning of the member disks. It helps get major increase in read speed (up to the speed of RAID 0). Note that write speed degrades significantly. The data blocks are offset so that two copies of every block are stored on two different drives.

RAID 10 far layout

RAID 1E - allows creating RAID 10 arrays with odd number of array member disks.

RAID 1E layout
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