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RAID 10 is the popular array type, because it provides both read and write performance increase and data redundancy. The website was created to help you better understand the following:

  • how RAID 10 works,
  • what types of RAID 10 do exist,
  • what you need to do should your array fail.

We also have a lot of various diagrams illustrating how the data blocks are written and aligned in RAID 10.

General information on RAID arrays. Here you learn about basic RAID types and what data placement patterns are used in different array types.

More details about RAID 10, how you can create it, and how the data is arranged on this RAID type.

Information about specific RAID 10 variations - RAID 10 near, RAID 10 far and RAID 1E.

Possible do-it-yourself approaches to recover RAID 10.

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